Private View on 17 July 2020 (By Invitation)
Public Exhibition on 18 July 2020

Pop-up Display from 20 - 25 July 2020

Venue: 10th Floor, W Business Center

100 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., D3, HCM City, Vietnam

Lartistel Online Gallery would like to invite you to our Art Showcase Events - July 2020 at W Business Center.

The showcase event this month features 22 selected artworks by two Vietnamese Artists: Phuong Vu Manh (1969) and Pham Le Quan (1955).

Artwork in Exhibition

Artist: Phuong Vu Manh​​

Phuong Vu Manh's collection includes three signature paintings made during the pandemic lockdown period, reflecting the artist views about the world, and the future in post-pandemic, as well as the controversy of face mask in March 2020. The Pandemic Art Collection also signify a new style of the artist in his career. The composition of three paintings are centered with emotionless and unfeeling human figures, a baby in the protective cocoon, and humanizing non-human animals, which all create the feelings of obsession, insecurity, but hopes amid the battle of the pandemic. Phuong Vu Manh reflects the fragility of human existence, questioning our social structure, with the action of non-human figures in his expressionism paintings.

Other selected artworks are notable works of Phuong Vu Manh from 2017 depicting his views on environmental changes and the impacts on human lives, the conflict and its consequences, in the contrast with his appreciation of Vietnamese beautiful landscapes.

Artwork in Exhibition

Artist: Pham Le Quan

Pham Le Quan's collection brings us back to the realism art style, which many contemporary artists are reluctant to pursue because of the constraints of realism imposing on artist’s imagination. As a painter who experienced a variety of art styles and new material invented by himself such as super-natural paint, this time Le Quan chooses the classical and technical way with oil color to depict his beautiful memory of Vietnam country sides in his paintings. Thought the landscapes seem to be familiar with most Vietnamese people, they do not exist in real, Le Quan's paintings are completely based on his imagination. All objects in landscape are also composed carefully by artists to instill his feelings inside the beauty of nature.

Today, travel restriction and busy lifestyle created even more challenges for people to contemplate the beauty of nature, at the same time, the industrialization in Vietnam has forever changed those landscapes. The choice of realism paintings is the courage of the artist, as it is more obvious for audiences to make judgements. Depicting the nature with the panoramic view in a nearly square canvas is technically challenging for all artists. The unique values of Le Quan’s landscape paintings are the capability to capture every single moment of time and wide-angle lense of space that the artists can create in the small to medium square paintings.

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