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Originality. Quality. Transparency.

At Lartistel, we believe every artist should have more opportunities to showcase their original artworks to the wider public audience, including art collectors, art lovers and art enthusiasts from all over the world.

Vietnamese Contemporary Art remains a niche market in the global art industry. Taking our native advantages in sourcing the original artworks in Vietnam, we hope to give Vietnamese Artists a digital space and ad-hoc exhibition opportunities to reach more and more art lovers from all over the world. We are convinced to be a valuable addition to the global art industry with our values in originality, quality, and transparency.

For patrons of the art, who started falling in love and investing in Vietnamese Art, the expensive artworks by the past Vietnamese greatest artists as Le Pho, Bui Xuan Phai, Nguyen Sang, Nguyen Tu Nghiem, Nguyen Gia Tri, etc. in bidding at public auction, have made Vietnamese Art more favourable and sought after. To international buyers, who may know the forgery and fake used to ruin the reputation of Vietnamese Art, we would invite you to re-discover Vietnamese Art with LARTISTEL for your collection of Vietnamese Contemporary Artworks, which the authenticity is certified and artist profile is honestly documented.


Today, the next generation Vietnamese artists are working diligently to present to the world's art lovers the high quality and original artworks with impactful ideas and unparalleled artistic skills. LARTISTEL is proud to represent a few talented  Vietnamese Artists and guarantee all of our original artworks, limited edition prints, and merchandise with copyright from our artists. 


"LARTISTEL is not simply a business for profits. We truly believe in the artists we represent and do our best to support their artistic endeavors. We not only introduce original artworks in digital space, but also commit to distribute our profits to assist artists with international exhibition opportunities. Our success is defined by both sales and the popularity of our artists."

"First and foremost, I am a genuine art lover. I identify and nurture the relationship with both the established and emerging artists in Vietnam. With my background in art & music, I find it very natural to rapport with artists regardless of art forms. I believe artwork is made to display, and digitalization enables us to assist artists by showcasing their artworks in both digital and traditional venues."

"My love for fine art led me to pursue my study in industrial arts and interior design. As a designer, I want to utilize my expertise to help customers curate the right artwork for their space, and at the same time, to help our artist better display their artworks, as well as to merchandise their artworks, making them accessible to all art lovers globally."

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