Pham Le Quan (1955)

Pham Le Quan (known as Le Quan) is a Vietnamese self-didactic painter, who is well-known as a painter, musician and entrepreneur. His artwork is influenced by great masters from France, Russia, and Vietnam. He holds a PhD in physics, after spendings decades in Europe, he relocated back to the home country in 1990s, and is living in Saigon, where he can spend significant time to paint.

Le Quan is also a successful businessman, a founder and chairman of Joton Paints. 

  • Art Style: Naturalism, Post-impressionism, and Abstract.

  • Art School: N/A

  • Active Year: 1991 - Present

  • Artist Studio: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


It is estimated that Le Quan has more than a thousand artworks were chosen and collected by private collectors in HongKong, and EU. He rarely participated in the art exhibitions. One of his notable artwork "the portrait of Vietnamese poet Huu Loan" is collected by Vietnam's Museum of Literature. 

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