Phuong Vu Manh (1969)

Phuong Vu Manh is a Vietnamese contemporary artist, who has involved in many forms of arts including painting, drawing, body painting, and art performance. He was among the first generation of body painter and street artist in Vietnam.

  • Art Style: Abstract, Expressionism

  • Art School: Vietnam College of Culture and Art, and Vietnam University of Fine Art

  • Active Year: 1991 - Present

  • Artist Studio: Hanoi, Vietnam

  • New Collections: "My Dream", 2018


Born in Hanoi in 1969, Phuong has been a recognized and familiar name to fans of Vietnamese contemporary art and to other Vietnamese artist fellows in the North. Phuong has been very active during his career as a painter, who is excellent in many art styles: surrealism, impressionism, and abstract impressionism.


Human, Animals, Environmental Change, and Politics are popular subjects in Phuong’s paintings. Phuong is graduated from the Hanoi Vietnam College of Culture and Art and Vietnam University of Fine Art in 1991 with majors in painting and drawing. Being active since 1991, he is an independent artist, and has held private exhibitions both in Vietnam and abroad.

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