"Cloud No. 5" is new synthetic material paintings in a collection, a series of "Clouds" by Artist Doan Xuan Tang, 2019.

  • Material: Synthetic Material on Canvas
  • Dimension: 50cm(W) x 65cm(L)
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Artist Profile:

Doan Xuan Tang (1977) is a contemporary painter who lives and works in Hanoi, Vietnam. Doan was born in Nam Dinh province of Vietnam and graduated from Vietnam Fine Arts University in 2001. Inspired by the beauty of people "as young women of ethnic minorities" and their typical costumes, brocade dresses, bracelets, silver chains with colorful motifs and interwoven patterns such as the colorful paintings are vivid, and then in those colors, the pieces of pattern intertwined in the space of the sky and the Northwest mountains are impressive, he used to depict their images in his early paintings. As Doan's artistic style becomes defined, he moved from an excellent impressionist to an abstract surrealism painter. The ethnic minority people are always centered in all of his artworks.


In his new series of “Clouds”, he captures the scenery beauty, the constant changes in spiritual life & cultural shift of ethnic minority people in society, as well as to reveal the strengths and hopes of communities in the Northern of Vietnam. 


"Clouds are always moving, a movement is constantly, that image is like a thread connecting with their lives. The clouds in this series represent the movement, that constant change." – Doan Xuan Tang.


Since his first exhibition in 2001, Doan has been a prolific painter. His artworks have been exhibited in both Vietnam and International such as in the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Korea.

Clouds (Cloud No. 5)

SKU: 2019-DXT-006
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